Cumberland County Chess Club Scholarship Criteria
Purpose of the Cumberland County Chess Club Scholarship:
“To assist an individual further their education toward achieving their career goal”
This document will define the following scholarship criteria:
I. When can the scholarship money be used.
II. How can the scholarship money be used.
III. Exceptions
I. When can the scholarship money be used.
A. A scholarship recipient may request their funds when their career goal can be accomplished
through one or more of the following means:
2.Vocational School
B. The recipient has 6 years from the date of the tournament to use the funds. After 6 years, the funds will be returned to Cumberland County Chess Club’s general fund.
It is the individual’s responsibility to contact the Cumberland County Chess Club to request funds. The Cumberland County Chess Club is not responsible for notifying recipients of pending
II. How can the scholarship money be used.
A recipient can request funds based on any of the following criteria:
1. Proof of enrollment in a college or vocational school.
2. Funds will be issued in full amounts only ($1,000).
3. Scholarship funds are not transferable to other individuals.
III. Exceptions
1. Any recipient entering military service during the 6 year fund period, may request an extension of their fund’s deadline not to exceed their time in service.
2. Recipients may request a fund deadline extension due to extenuating circumstances. Such requests will be reviewed by the board and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Approved by the board of directors January 8, 2016